She’s 90 Years Young!

Laura Pratt

Our “past master” is rapidly approaching her 90th birthday… and because she’s a frequent participant in the Words For Thirds Dictionary presentation I often “whisper” to the kids that she’s “really old” when I introduce her. Then when she chats with them she’ll tell them how long she’s been a member of the Grange… and that she joined when she was fourteen years old. This gives us a “teachable moment” as the young scholars attempt the math in their heads.

It’s not her age but her smile and her enthusiasm that defines Laura, but this birthday does provide an opportunity to honor this great woman and her many contributions to the Grange, the community, and her family and friends.  So you’re invited to join all those folks for a Birthday Party Open House at the home of Floyd and Nathalee Marsh: 38 Butter Street in Guilford.

Saturday, March 12 from 1 – 4 PM

You won’t have to calculate her age, but you should ask her some questions because she has a great memory. She might even tell you about the time the Grange Outhouse got painted in her honor.

Let Them Eat Cake!

How many reasons do you need to have cake?

We have some ongoing jokes about our Pomona meetings hosted at East Sangerville Grange… but they always have some surprises for us under the heading of “Grange Food.” This last meeting was no exception as we feasted on a delicious cake prepared in celebration of Valley Grange’s National Community Service Award. Diane McCarthy Clark did manage to work up the courage to cut the work of art… it didn’t take much courage to eat a piece or two! Thanks to East Sangerville Grange for hosting the meeting and honoring us with the cake! Yum!

Bookworm Schedule for March 2011

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”

Groucho Marx
Reading is fun!

Tuesday, March 1 – Mrs. Goodman

Thursday, March 3 – Mr. Boomsma

Tuesday,  March 8 – Mr. Boomsma
 Don’t forget Newspapers in Education Assembly at 8:50 AM today!

Thursday, March 10 – Mr. Boomsma

March 14 – March 18 – Maine Agriculture in the Classroom Reading and Agricultural Activities throughout the week!

Tuesday, March 22 – Mrs. Marsh

Thursday, March 24 – Mrs. Marsh

Tuesday, March 29 – Mr.  Boomsma

Thursday March 31 – Mrs. Marsh