Please Standby!

Well,  you don’t have to stand, you can sit… actually you can just check back. We did end up cancelling the meeting Friday night. Of course it stopped snowing shortly after WM Jim announced the cancellation. The hall was ready… thanks to Floyd and Nat for plowing, shoveling, and getting heat started… but discretion is sometimes the better part of valor and we did want to make sure this program was available to folks who didn’t have a Grange horse.

So we are going to reschedule this meeting, probably within the next week or two. Please check back–as soon as the date as been selected we’ll publish it here!

“How to Handle the Tough Stuff” is coming soon!

National Fame Continues…

If you’d like a look at a major portion of our Community Service book just visit the National Grange Website! When you click that link, you’ll be taken right to the National Contest Page… look at the little box on the right and you’ll see another link to click where you can view 29 pages of our notebook: information about projects and programs, samples of our “Valley Grange Gram Newsletter,” pictures, and news articles regarding accomplishments. It’s awesome! I saw a couple of newspaper articles for the first time!