Handling the Tough Stuff!

Last year while bookworming at school I noticed one young scholar looking  very troubled. Since she was usually quite bright and cheery and this was very out of character I approached her on the playground and casually asked if everything was ok. She snapped “yes!” and stomped off.

A few minutes later she sought me out and said, “Mr. Boomsma, I’m sorry but I lied to you. Everything is NOT ok. But I do NOT want to talk about it.”  I thanked her for apology and complimented her for being truthful and wanting to handle the situation on her own. (I later learned that her trouble involved a certain young man and some stiff competition with another classmate for his affections. Ah, second grade.)

We might chuckle at the issue my small friend was having, but I’ve heard Liza Deering, Guidance Counselor for PCES say, “We think because kids are small their problems are small, but it’s really all relative and what we think is small can be very big.” Whether we’re a parent, grandparent, volunteer at school or just have some friends who are kids, we know that kids today have  tough stuff to handle. How do we help kids handle the tough stuff?

Mrs. Deering has graciously agreed to attend the January Meeting of Valley Grange and offer some guidance for us bigger people. No matter the size of the person or problem, you’ll find Ms. Deering’s thoughts on “What to do about the tough stuff” practical and results-oriented. Parents, grandparents–anyone who knows a kid–should plan to attend this positive program on Friday, January 21st at the Valley Grange Hall. Join friends and neighbors for potluck supper at 6 PM (bring a dish to share). The meeting and program will begin at 7 PM. The program is open to the public without charge.

For additional information about the program call me at 876-4131 or send me an email.  I do want to talk about it!

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