Santa Also Wants Letters!

The list is long. I need help!

This could be one of those “human interest” stories that people love to hear all year round… but they always seem especially important and appropriate during the holidays.

First, some things you might not know. (Warning: these are things you’d probably rather NOT know.) The post office will not deliver letters with a return address indicating they are from Santa Claus unless there are certain safeguards and approvals in place. You probably don’t have to think too much about this to understand why.

One person in our area has taken the time to do that. It started with her family and when she saw the excitement she realized when kids write a letter to Santa they really do deserve an answer. So for several years now, Sherry French has been making sure that happens for an ever-increasing list of kids. The letters are written on a computer, but the process is anything but automated. For example, if more than one kid writes from the same family she makes sure the paper is different for each one. She also personalizes each letter as much as possible and practical. As often as not, she’ll include some reindeer food. If you can get her talking about it, you’ll wonder if maybe she isn’t Santa Claus, because the giving spirit and the jolly just comes right through.

So here’s the deal. All you have to do is get your child (grandchild, nieces and nephews) to write to Santa. The little ones could just draw a picture. Make sure there’s a return mailing address on the envelope. Take the envelope either to the Guilford Post Office or to WDME Radio on Main Street in Dover Foxcroft. There’s a Santa Mailbox at both locations. Drop the letters in the box an wait for an answer!

Well… maybe instead of just waiting for an answer you could just savor the fact that there are some people who are keeping Santa alive… maybe you could even give Sherry a little hug if you stop at WDME!