Where is this cookbook?

Here is a comment made elsewhere on a post… I’ve copied and pasted it to a new post so it gets noticed:

I was looking for a grange cookbook–dont know what the cover looks like but it has over 350 pages.  My mom had one and it is in rough shape. (She passed away in 2001.) There is a recipe by a member of your grange Mrs. Merwin Lander (Master’s wife). Page 99 has a recipe for five minute fudge. The recipes are from granges all over the United States.



Okay, folks… anybody know anything about this cookbook… or better yet have one? It sounds like it might have been published by National Grange based on the fact the recipes are from all over the United States. Any help or information you can offer can either be entered here using the comment feature or you can email me and I will forward it to Lori. Let’s show her how helpful Grangers are!


Update! After lots of help both from grangers here and on the MSG site, we helped Lori find her cookbook!

Thank you so very much I just placed an order on amazon for it. sounds like the right one… thank you so very much

Final Update!

Lori says, “Thanks for your help… it was the right one” and she’s very happy!
Sincerely Lori

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  1. Walter Boomsma

     /  November 14, 2010

    Several emails have revealed…

    According to Pat Libby, “The cookbook she is looking for was published by the National Grange in 1967 and is titled The Grange Cookbook – Desserts, including party beverages. And no, I am not willing to part with my copy.”

    Mary Annis notes that the recipe mentioned is from Vi Lander who was secretary of Valley Grange for 25 years… Mary has a bicentennial cookbook but is pretty sure that’s not the right one.

    Tom Clark thinks his sister has a copy that their mother bought at the Houlton Grange Store when he was just a kid… but he’s pretty sure she won’t part with it!

    These cookbooks are pretty special, eh?

    • Judy Ricker

       /  November 15, 2010

      I have a Grange Cookbook that I purchased at a yard sale it says its National Grange Cookbook Bicentennial year 1776-1976. Wrong one I guess as page 99 only has recipes for vegetables. Sorry!

  2. You should check on eBay. They often will have numerous copies of the old Grange cookbooks up for auction. That is how I am building my collection.


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