SeDoMoCha says, “Thanks!”

Olivia’s Letter

We always enjoy the fat envelope of thank you notes the kids send and we can’t resist sharing a few with everyone. Certainly Olivia is enjoying her father’s challenges and her disctionary and we hope she’s right that’ll she’ll never forget the day she visited the Grange and got her dictionary!

Others wrote,
I loved the presentation, I learned what the spud,owl, pruning hook, and shepherd’s crook was used for. Every night I’m going to go on a word hunt if I have time to read. First I ask my little sister what word she wants. Next, I look it up. Then, I say what word I want to look up. Then I read the definition for it.
Thank you so much for the presentation. I learned a lot. One of the things I learned was that the grange is about farmers. I’m going to use my dictionary for looking up stuff about animals.
Thank you for inviting me to your work. I learned about the civil war. I will use my dictionary for everything.
Thank you for the presentation you showed us about your grange. I learned about some of the tools you use in the grange. I will use my dictionary for looking up words to study and look up what word mean. I loved visiting the Valley Grange!
I’m very pleased that you let all of us come to the grange this year. I learned a lot of stuff about the civil war. And I will use the dictionary for lots of things.
Thank you for the beautfil dictionary. Me and my brother Tucker have a game with the dictionary. My brother calls out a word and I find the meaning.
Thank you for the dictionary. It was veary nice of you to give them to us. I use it for words. My mom was happy that I do not need to asking them all these words anymore. I love that we got them. I love to look in that book. I loved the trip we went on. I like the sgt part. It was so cool. I love all of it.
Thank you for the dictionary. I plane to use the dictionary for writting pecis and letters and for work to do at school. I loved the trip to the grange and avrething that you told us. I lernd a lot on Friday at the grange. I had a lot of fun on Friday.