Friday November 19th Hootenanny!

Hootenanny is an Appalachian colloquialism that was used in early twentieth century America to refer to things whose names were forgotten or unknown. In this usage it was synonymous with thingamajig or whatchamacallit, as in “hand me that hootenanny.” Hootenanny was also an old country word for “party”. Now, most commonly, it refers to a folk-music party…

North Country StringsThe North Country Strings, led by Susan Ramsey, welcomes and entertains audiences for the Valley Grange’s “Hootenanny” with fine foot-stomping fiddle tunes as well as popular songs from country, folk, and gospel genres with a sprinkling of fun back-and-forth banter and educational snippets. It’s good music done well, featuring something for everyone. Part of the show involves sing-a-longs in which North Country Strings performs well known tunes bound to bring back memories and get the audience singing, clapping, laughing, and feeling great!

"Fiddlin' Woodsprite"

Tap your toes and fill your tummy! The program starts with grange goodies served at a 6:30 PM “Happy Hour” and refreshments will be available throught the evening. Everything is by donation so this is an affordable evening of family fun! Proceeds from the refreshments will help support Valley Grange’s Words for Thirds Dictionary Program so you’ll even feel good about helping with that!

This is a party you won’t want to miss!