Keeping Communities Warm…

From the JD Foundation…

Thanks to our Yard Sale fundraising, we’ve got coats, hats, mittens, scarves, you name it! So we’re having our first annual “keeping our communities warm” project and making winter clothing and accessories for a donation. Give what you can afford… We’ll probably go as low as a smile and thank you. This is actually more of a community event than a sale… let’s help each other get ready for winter before it arrives! Come see what we’ve got! If you’ve got some winter clothes you no longer need, bring ‘em to share. You’ll find your neighbors right at the four corners in Abbot from 8 AM until dusk. We are also having our Christmas Sale with decorations of all kinds and new items that can be purchased for Christmas gifts. Most items still have their stickers on them!! Come to 107 Main Street in Abbot Center on Saturday November 6th!

Saturday, November 6th
8:00 AM until dusk
107 Main Street
Abbot ME 04406

The JD Foundation is a non-profit organization serving as an educational tool to the state of Maine to bring suicide prevention through awareness and education. We created this foundation in Memory of William Jody Day who passed away on November 18, 2005 by suicide. For additional information visit

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