September Highlights

Bring your calendars, enthusiasm and ideas to our Planning Roundtable on Friday, September 17th! We’ll be discussing our programs and projects for the year… As always, potluck supper at 6 PM will be followed by the meeting at 7 PM. Members, “almost members,” and folks interested in helping our communities are welcome!

While you’re at the meeting you’ll have a chance to pick up your Meat or Heat Raffle tickets. Tickets are a measly $1 each with a potential $100 return on investment! The winner of our raffle gets a $100 check made out to the “meat or heat” provider of his or her choice. We’re also looking for some folks to help with ticket sales… the winner will be drawn at our November meeting (Friday, 19th) and need not be present to win!

Coming Soon!

We’re gearing up for our Words for Thirds program… chances are there’s a dictionary day coming soon to a school district near you! Valley Grange will continue to provide dictionaries to MSAD 4, 68, and 41. Garland Grange has commited to providing dictionaries to students in MSAD46–including any fourth graders who were missed last year!

Parents are reminded… if you are homeschooling or you and your child joined the district after Dictionary Day (usually in October or November) we want him or her to have a dictionary! Contact your school or Walter Boomsma  if you are in MSAD 4, 68, or 41 or Andrea Rollins  of Garland Grange if you are in MSAD 46.

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