Agriculture in and out of the Classroom

Food checkout day: It takes about 40 days for most Americans to earn enough disposable income to pay for their food for the entire year. In 2007, Food Checkout Day was February 6th. Since 1930, the number of days required to earn enough income to pay for food has decreased.

compared to

Tax Freedom Day: It takes the average American more than 100 days to earn enough income to pay all taxes each year. In 2007, Tax Freedom Day was April 11th. Since 1930, the number of days required has increased.

Perhaps even more interesting… in 1940 the average farm fed 19 people. In 2004 the average farm fed 144 people! Sounds like farmers know what they are doing!

This information came from “Change From A Dollar” a resource book published for teachers by the Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom website. You can download this book for free even if you’re not a teacher. (Homeschoolers might want to take special note here!)

Speaking of Agriculture in the Classroom, this might be a good time to note that Ag Week is March 14 – 18 next year.  Read ME during Ag Week is a great opportunity to work with your local school… check out the MAITC website and watch for more information here about how it will be handled in Piscataquis County. When you check out the website you’ll find information on some other good projects… and some potential grants for agricultural projects in the classroom.

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