Officers Installed for 2010-2011 Grange Year

Members of area Granges recently gathered at the Garland Grange Hall for an annual installation of officers.  Grange members from South Sangerville Grange, Valley Grange in Guilford, Garland Grange, and the Piscataquis Pomona Grange started the evening with the typical grange supper for which Garland Grange is famous.

The installation of officers follows a tradition that dates back to the very beginning of the Grange as an organization. Some of the positions and titles are drawn from the old-time English estate: Master, Overseer, Stewards; some from mythology: Ceres, Pomona and Flora; and some from the world of business: Secretary, Treasurer, and Executive Committee or Board of Directors. Originally formed in the years following the American Civil War to unite private citizens in improving the economic and social position of the nation’s farm and rural population, the organization values it’s heritage while adapting to the needs of modern society.

(For a complete list of Valley Grange Officers and descriptions of the office, see the page on this site about our officers.)

State Master James Owens led a team consisting of Terri and Harriet Spencer, Linda LaBree, Mary Thomas and Glenda Barker.  Owens challenged officers to understand and fulfill the obligations of their offices and work together to “increase attendance and membership and have fun in the process!” Owens conducts the entire ceremony installing some fifteen different offices from memory and says he’s been doing so for over twenty five years.

All of the granges present spoke of their recent successes and plans for the coming year for increasing membership and serving their respective communities.  Granges within the Piscataquis Pomona are located in East Sangerville, South Sangerville, Guilford, Parkman, Dexter and Garland.  To learn more about a Grange near you call Pomona Master Bill Bemis at 924-3435 or Pomona Overseer Walter Boomsma at 876-4131.