Shaker Wisdom

During the summer trip to Massachusetts I happened upon a free newspaper called “Animal Life.”  The lead article was about the museum at Hancock Shaker Village which has “been honoring the elegant simplicity of the Shaker way of living through a living museum and animals and nature starring in the show.” I thought the poem on the cover page was good Grange “food for thought.”

A man of kindness, to his beast is kind.
Brutal actions show a brutal mind.
Remember, He who made the brute–
Who gave thee speech and reason– formed him mute.
He can’t complain; but God’s omniscient eye
Beholds thy cruelty. He hears his cry.
He was destined they servant and thy drudge,
But know this: his creator is thy Judge.

By the way, one of the things the Hancock Shaker Village is known for is the round dairy barn. It was built in 1826 and held 53 dairy cows when the Shakers lived in the community.  For a look at the barn and lots of  information, visit the Hancock Shaker Village website. But first you might want to give your pet a pat and a treat!