Show Us Your Hands!

In case you haven’t heard, the 2010-2011 Lecturer’s Theme announced by State Lecturer Sherry Harriman is “Many Hands of the Grange.”  I had a creative moment! The hand image is standard clip art which I’ve  converted to “sepia” and embellished a bit by adding the Grange Logo…  Maybe I’d had too much coffee the morning I did this… because I started remembering the AT&T ad…  and that led to thinking about reaching out and touch someone with the many hands of the Grange!

So be warned that you’ll be seeing more of this… we’ll be talking about raising hands, joining hands, using hands, needing hands, helping hands…

And this isn’t just for Valley Grange! Other Granges are welcome to use it and you can get your hands on it just for the asking (or by downloading right from this site). Pretty handy, right? (Are you groaning yet?)

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