Upcoming Meeting Information

Our July Meeting is still scheduled for Friday the 16th, but we will not be headed to Bowerbank! Laura’s had “boodles” of company and is just plain “wore out” so we’re moving the meeting to a new location. We’ll plan on meeting at the Grange Hall unless another member would like to host this meeting… if you’re interested in doing that, please let Jim or Walter know by Sunday, July 11th. Otherwise, we’ll see you at the Grange Hall! Come and help vote in our newest member! Updated Sunday: The meeting will be held at the Grange Hall… potluck at 6 PM, meeting at 7 PM. Ya’ll come!

Our August Meeting will include officer installation and we’ll be joining with other Granges at the Garland Grange Hall on Friday, August 20th. There will be a paid chicken pie supper at 6 PM and everybody knows that Garland Grange is famous for their suppers! The meeting starts at 7 PM and will feature State Master Jim Owens and his famous installation team.

No, we don’t want to think about fall… but if we have to let’s think pleasant thoughts! Our September Meeting is going to be a doozie… a great way to kick of the 2010-2011 Grange Year. We’re inviting area Granges to join us for this program focused on “growing the Grange” at the subordinate/community level: What color are you and your Grange?  Why not save the date: Friday, September 17th with a potluck supper at 6 PM and meeting at 7 PM. And wait until you hear about some of our other programs…

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