4-H is Alive and Well!

As part of my work with the Executive Committee of County Extension, I recently got to see and hear a great presentation about some of the things being done by and with 4-H and to “see” the kids and some of their adventures through photographs the kids took themselves. For a real treat, visit their blogs: Milo 4-H, Brownville 4-H, and Lagrange 4-H.  There are over 60 kids involved in 4-H in these three programs. By the way, did you know about the Pine Tree State 4-H Foundation?  I also got to meet the new director, Audrey Chapman and learned a little bit about their work. The Foundation was established in the 1960’s to aid in the financial support of the UMaine Cooperative Extension 4-H Program and they offer grants and scholarships and various other support to local 4-H clubs and individuals throughout the state. I’ve added these links to this site as well as a link to the UMaine Cooperative Extension 4-H Site. Of course you can always call your local Extension Office for more information. By the way, the Piscataquis County 4-H Awards program is scheduled for Friday, July 23rd at the Extension Building on Main Street in Dover Foxcroft. If you’re interested in bringing a potluck dish to share and meeting some great kids, contact Barbara Baker for more information.

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