4-H is Alive and Well!

As part of my work with the Executive Committee of County Extension, I recently got to see and hear a great presentation about some of the things being done by and with 4-H and to “see” the kids and some of their adventures through photographs the kids took themselves. For a real treat, visit their blogs: Milo 4-H, Brownville 4-H, and Lagrange 4-H.  There are over 60 kids involved in 4-H in these three programs. By the way, did you know about the Pine Tree State 4-H Foundation?  I also got to meet the new director, Audrey Chapman and learned a little bit about their work. The Foundation was established in the 1960’s to aid in the financial support of the UMaine Cooperative Extension 4-H Program and they offer grants and scholarships and various other support to local 4-H clubs and individuals throughout the state. I’ve added these links to this site as well as a link to the UMaine Cooperative Extension 4-H Site. Of course you can always call your local Extension Office for more information. By the way, the Piscataquis County 4-H Awards program is scheduled for Friday, July 23rd at the Extension Building on Main Street in Dover Foxcroft. If you’re interested in bringing a potluck dish to share and meeting some great kids, contact Barbara Baker for more information.

The Grange Readers

written by a second-grader in Miss Stephen’s class

The Grange Readers like to read books. Also they love to spend time with students and with other Grange Readers. They support students. All the Grange Readers live in different towns. The Grange Readers are nice people. There are only six of them. They only come on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Grange Readers are important to the school because they help children read. The Grange Readers are important to me because they encourage me to read words that I think are silly. The Grange Readers help children by telling the student the real word. Every year the second and third graders participate in this contest on drawing for the Valley Grange Book Worms. The people who participate in this program are Mrs. Annis, Mr. Boomsma, Mrs. Burleigh, Mrs. Marsh, Mr. Downing, and also Mrs. Goodman. Every Tuesday and Thursday the Grange Readers are in different classrooms. The Grange Readers are special to everyone.