Wicked Huge Yard Sale!

Everybody wins! This annual event helps us raise funds for our community service projects like Words for Thirds, Bookworming, knitting hats and mittens, supporting scholarships… there’s almost as many projects as there will be items at the Yard Sale!

We offer indoor shopping comfort… and still have a few outside spaces left for crafters and other vendors. Call Mary Annis at 564-0820 for more information.

This all takes place on June 19th… starting at 8 AM and going until 1 PM. Come early for the best buys… including some Great Grange Goodies at our companion bake sale. This is one Yard Sale you won’t want to miss! The Grange Hall is located at the corner of Butter Street and Guilford Center Road. GPS users: our official address is 172 Guilford Center Road.

We’ll be accepting donations for the yard sale through this Wednesday, June 16th. Please call Nat Marsh (876-3343) or Janice Boomsma (876-4131) for more information.

Shoppers Note: The hall is full and we expect to spill on to the porch and into the yard the day of the sale! A last minute donation means you can shop for appliances: gas range, fridge, dryer, hot water heater… a large TV (not HD, but comes with the converter)… a Ryobi trimmer… tons of books… Come see, come save!

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  1. Walter Boomsma

     /  June 20, 2010

    The obvious danger in thanking people for their help is slighting someone… lots of people helped with donations and efforts, but there are a few “non-members” who deserve a plug. A big thanks to Vic and Cheryl Morin from the JD Foundation for helping with pricing and organizing… and for taking the unsold merchandise off our hands. Thanks also to Karen Dolley for helping with donations, sorting children’s books, and publicity. Lots of members deserve lots of thanks, but let’s single out Nat and Floyd for appreciation for a ton of work! Floyd and his brother found a “work order” that involved a trip to Wellington to pick up some donations… they later reported that they saw a huge moose, several deer and a little fawn that stood in front of the truck until Floyd’s brother David got out to move him out of the way. See how much fun working for the Grange can be!?

    I don’t have the final tally yet, but the preliminary reports are that our “profits” were down this year… there was certainly lots of competition—yard sales everywhere! Our treasurer is a bit nervous so if you’ve got any fund-raising ideas or would like to simply make a donation to your Grange, go for it! (Donations should be sent to Secretary Mary Annis at 28 Orchard Road, Dover Foxcroft 04426.)


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