Guilford Primary Makes Arts Alive!

"The Wiz"

On Friday June 4th nearly 100 second and third graders filed into the S.A.D. 4 Guilford Primary School Multipurpose Room to receive their instructions for what many call “the best day of the best day of the year.” As they filed in to take their seats, the room brightened both with anticipation and the bright red and blue t-shirts each wore.

Students and visitors were reminded that the Arts Alive Program is truly a community effort thanks to numerous volunteers from Hardwood Products, the “HUGS” parent group, teachers, parents and other individuals from around the area including some high school students from  Piscataquis Community High  and Middle School.

Workshop selections included Building Bat Houses, Dance Revolution, Painted Pots, Still Life Drawing, Sculpture/Beads, Tie Dye, Dizzy Dancing Discs, Charcoal Drawing, Dynamite Drumming, Slate Etching, “Movement,” and making Felt Balls. Additional treats included an extra long morning recess complete with popcorn and juice drinks and a cookout lunch served by volunteers from Hardwood Products in Guilford.

The day also included lots of laughter and creativity. Students didn’t need much reminding of the “Smile!” part of the slogan for the day. There were plenty of smiles, giggles and laughter on everyone’s part. Even the crows were happy as they cleaned up the spilled popcorn on the playground.

The day was capped off by a special presentation by Dan Grady’s Marvelous Marionette Medley.  In his lively interactive presentation Grady explained to the children how the marionettes “work” and encouraged them to have confidence in their artistic abilities.

As the students headed for home teachers and staff remained to bake the sculptures – wizards were especially popular this year – and to organize the students’ projects for them to take home on Monday.  The sculptures, bat houses, etched slates and dizzy dancing disks sat quietly waiting to become reminders of what many students consider the “best day” of the school year and that those arts are alive.

On site volunteers from Valley Grange were Nat Marsh, Jim and Mary Annis, Kevin Annis, Lois Prescott and Walter Boomsma. Thanks also go to Betty VanDyke, Janice Boomsma, Susan Burleigh, Nat, Mary and Lois for baking desserts!

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