When I’m at school bookworming, one of the words I hear a lot is “Awesome!” Sometimes the kids apply it to something we’ve read in a book… or something that’s going on at school…

“Mr. Boomsma, are you coming out to recess with us today?”



I know that my language changes after I’ve been at the school and I use words like “awesome” and “cool” more. If you are one of the people who’s noticed that, I just thought I should warn you that I’m planning to use the word “awesome” even more. I’ll leave it to you to decide whether or not to “blame” the kids. Let me explain.

The kids use the word fairly freely but also advisedly. They really believe a lot of things are awesome. They see things adults fail to notice — and they see things in a way that adults often don’t.  I’ve said before that one of the values of being at the school with the kids is gaining their perspective.

So if you can’t find some kids to hang out with, here’s an idea for you. An adult colleague recently recommended this website: during a discussion about how we view the world. The link also comes with a warning… the site is a bit addictive because you’ll find yourself identifying with some of the things people post as “awesome.” 

So here’s a challenge. How many times today can you say the word “awesome” because you notice something that is?

I’ve already lost count. That’s awesome!

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