Readers of the Piscataquis Observer might think we started our celebration of Guilford Primary School a little early. The “Newspapers in Education” section featured several articles and stories about some of the school’s recent activities and accomplishments. It’s probably not too late to pick up a copy! Thanks to the folks at the Observer for their community spirit and coverage of Grange and School News! If you saw the paper, you will probably begin to understand why Guilford Primary School will soon by declared Valley Grange’s Community Citizen of the year.

I was at the school today and I’m pleased (and maybe a little proud) to report that I was not the victim of any April Fool’s Day Pranks! I did end up swinging a jump rope for a few turns during recess but was able to forgo my turn to actually jump. The kids are certainly coming up with some great moves… jumping on one foot–two in a rope, doing some “criss cross” thing that they make look easy… and, I’m sure, collecting their Jump Rope for Heart donations! If you haven’t made yours, find a kid and get it taken care of soon!

We’re still looking forward to our official Celebrate Guilford Primary School event on Friday, April 16–just two weeks away! We’re looking forward to seeing lots of folks at the Grange Hall for our Community Potluck Supper at 6 PM and the meeting itself at 7:3o PM. Get this on your calendar and plan to come out to show your support and appreciation of our kids, teachers, staff, parents… There are plenty of people and things to be proud of!

This is Grange Month and it’s a busy time for us. Members will have a business meeting at the Hall Friday, April 2 at 7 PM… We’re also hoping to show our support of the Parkman Grange’s Open House on Tuesday April 13th at 7 PM. Later in the month we’ll be doing our annual Community Service Project at the Boss Cemetery in Dover Foxcroft. We can always use some extra help and support at any of these meetings and activities. We are YOUR Grange!