Jump Rope for Heart!

McKusick Elementary School and Guilford Primary School kicked off their annual “Jump Rope for Heart” Program in some fast-paced assemblies coordinated by School Nurse Sharon Foster, School Nurse and McKusick Ed Tech Paula Bailey. Many of the students remembered the program from last year when the combined efforts of the two schools raised over $3,000 to benefit the American Heart Association.

Chelsea jumping

Chelsea Cookson practices her jumping style.

Students are given a collection envelop and have several weeks to collect donations (with parental permission, of course).  Nurse Foster explained that while there are lots of activities and prizes for those who jump, it’s important to remember the “focus is just what the program name says, ‘Jump Rope for Heart.’ So while we want to raise as much money as we can, we’ll also get some great exercise and have lots of fun!” Students and teachers got to practice their technique using pretend jump ropes during the assembly. Many continued their efforts during recess.

By participating in Jump Rope for Heart students learn how their hearts work and how to take care of them through physical activity and nutrition. And they will learn about children who have been affected by cardiovascular disease and how they can help them. In short, children have fun and feel good by helping others.

One of the rules students must follow is “no door to door solicitation” so adults who would like to support the schools and this cause are encouraged to find a student or contact the schools.  Collection envelopes are due back to McKusick by April 9th and to Guilford Primary School by April 16th – which by coincidence is Celebrate Guilford Primary School Day, sponsored by Valley Grange. Walter Boomsma, program director for Valley Grange finds this “uniquely appropriate because it’s one of the many examples of how our schools and kids are good citizens. We just hope the kids don’t get too worn out from jumping because we’d like to see a lot of them and their parents at the celebration later in the day.”

The Celebrate GPS Program will begin with a community potluck supper at the Valley Grange Hall at 6:00 PM followed by a presentation of the Valley Grange Community Citizen Award at 7:30 PM. The Valley Grange Hall is located at the corner of Butter Street and Guilford Center Road and the public is invited and encouraged to attend.

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