Advertising Experts Selected

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NIE Winners –Download a printable PDF file containg the six “winning” ads

Here’s something cool… a  lot of people have seen this poster, but it took one of the kids at school to notice a mistake! The poster shows Matthew Goggin as a second grader–he’s not; he’s in third grade!

The nearly 100 second and third graders had waited nearly a month for the news. They’d all strained their creative brains to draw ads as part of the Newspapers in Education project.  This is the second Valley Grange has sponsored the project by purchasing two ads in the Piscataquis Observer and commissioning the students to create the actual advertisement. The purpose of the recent assembly was to let them know whose drawing would be published in the Piscataquis Observer’s Special Edition on March 31st. In spite of their anticipation they sat quietly and listened to Principal Orton remind them how fortunate the school is to have the Grange provide opportunities like this.

Grange Program Leader Walter Boomsma built the suspense by joking with them and making them wait between each announcement. The winning ads were flashed on the screen before the names were announced, causing at least one

Second Grader Caitlyn Drinkwater

student to show surprise before everyone else. Second grader winners included Macee Pearl and Makala Smart with Caitlyn Drinkwater’s selected for publication. Each student was invited to give an acceptance speech “like on TV” and each refused with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Third grade winners included Annalee Knowles and Matthew Goggin. Chloe Hamele’s ad was selected for publication.

Boomsma told the kids that the identity of the judges was a well-kept secret but they “followed the rules and did a very hard job.” He also noted that one thing making that made it a little easier was that “while we have winners there are no losers.” Each student received a special thank you magnet at the end of the day.

Third Grader Chloe Hamele

Art Teacher Jane Daniels is a big fan of the program and likes the fact that projects like this give art real life application as well as stimulate creativity among the kids. “It’s an opportunity to teach many different aspects of art and give the kids a chance to see how they might have an art-related career.”

 Boomsma also noted that Valley Grange is planning a “Celebrate Guilford Primary School” program on April 16th. “Our members have been working with the school for some time now,” he noted. “We’re not sure the entire community knows what a good citizen the school is… they have a number of programs that range from excellence in education to collecting aluminum pop tops to Jumping Rope for Hearts. “ Grange members selected Guilford Primary school to receive their annual Community Citizen Award. Families are invited to join the celebration at Valley Grange Hall on Friday, April 16th when the Grange hosts a potluck supper at 6:00 PM and a celebration at 7:30 PM.

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