Flat Stanley Visits Valley Grange

Flat Stanley checks out the Valley Grange website.

And just who is Flat Stanley? I guess he could be described as a “world traveler” who has the advantage of being flat so he can get around easily. I believe this started as a school project—vaguely remember one of the kids explaining him to me last year when he arrived at Guilford Primary School. He is a fun way for kids (and adults!) to learn some geography and make connections in other parts of the country. He arrived in my mail box from the Shelburne Falls Massachusetts Grange with the explanation, “We got your name from a publication that one of our State Grange members had saved and googled and found your web site.  We thought Flat Stanley would enjoy a trip to Maine…  I hope Flat Stanley is on his best behavior.” Included in the package was a “photo album” of his visit to Shelburne Falls… My task is to prepare a similar album before I return him so I’ll be looking for photo ops!

Flat Stanley will be at our meeting on Friday February 19th if you’d like to meet him! If you’re interested in having him visit your Grange or organization, let me know… or contact Deborah Vincent-Coutinho, Lecturer for Shelburne Massachusetts Grange #68.

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  1. family activities are very nice to have, it also strengthens the bond among family members ‘~~


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