Maine Ag Trade Show

The 69th Annual Maine Ag Trade Show will be held at the Augusta Civic Center January 12th, 13th, and 14th. The show provides an atmosphere for everyone to walk through, observe and educate themselves about the different areas of agriculture. Not only does the trades show furnish a showplace for farmers and producers to come and see the most up-to-date farm equipment and farming needs, but provides an opportune juncture for networking and exchanging ideas. The show provides a wealth of knowledge for non-farmers to learn about agriculture and is a great opportunity to learn how the locally grown products they consume are harvested and processed. You can get program and exhibit information at the web site.

Students, Sharpen Your Pencils!

The Agriculture Council of America (ACA) calls on seventh- to 12th-grade students each year to submit an original, 450-word essay about the importance of agriculture. This year’s theme is “American Agriculture: Abundant, Affordable, Amazing,” and the deadline is Feb. 12. Teachers and parents are asked to encourage their students to participate.

This year, the theme highlights the importance of agriculture and how the industry continues to overcome new challenges. These include keeping food affordable, meeting the demands of a growing population with fewer acres, working with legislative influences and addressing consumer concerns. Students may choose (more…)