Agriculture for ME–Ag Day 2010

Valley Grange has been a strong supporter of the “Read ME” program since it’s inception. Developed by the Maine Agriculture in the Classroom organization, the program involves volunteers reading and giving out agriculturally themed books to Pre K to 4th Grade Classrooms. This all takes place during Ag Week, March 14 – 20 this year.

We understand this year’s book has been written and published specifically about Maine. In the past Valley Grange has worked to schedule classes in concert with Sheila Richards of the PSWCD–this has proven to be most efficient in terms of getting materials in a timely fashion.  Bookworms have volunteered to handle McKusick Elementary School and Guilford Primary School (SAD 4) in the past and will do so again this year.

Teachers/administration from other districts might want to check out the program at the MAITC site  where there’s preliminary information about the program and forms to request classrooms be included. I would not worry about the deadline of January 1st that’s shown on the web site. A recent newsletter indicates the deadline is January 15th so there’s still some time.

 We’ll keep everybody posted here. If you’d like some additional information or help getting organized, send me an email.  January 15th will be here before we know it!

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