Awesome Dictionary Day in S.A.D. 41

WABI-TV Five called it an Awesome Dictionary Day at Brownville Elementary. If you click that link you can read and see their story! When I checked it this morning, there seemed to be a problem with the sound track. I did send an email to the station about it… so if it doesn’t work for you, you might consider checking back Monday or Tuesday. (And when you check, you might feel compelled [Hint] to leave a positive comment, thanking WABI for their support. They have been extremely supportive of local communities in general and our Grange specifically!

Lagrange Scholars learn to "look it up!"

It was an awesome day… and inspite of the fact that it rained (indoor recesses) and kids being excited about Thanksgiving Vacation… all the presentations went extremely well. The opening line of the story says it all… when we hand the kids a new book chock full of knowledge, it’s not hard to keep the kids entertained. They actually entertain themselves! Well, that might be a bit of an over-statement… but they sure do love their new dictionaries.

Thanks to Grangers Jim Annis and Merna Dunham for helping out… and a special thanks to teachers and administration at the schools. They are super cooperative and helpful in putting together a schedule that makes it possible for our Grange Team to get the dictionaries out in one day/one trip. Working closely with the schools as a bookworm and with the dictionary project gives me a special appreciation for how difficult scheduling can be… it is no small task for A teacher to adjust–let alone three schools and four classes on the same day!

This does complete our distribution for this year–at least sort of! We will continue to make dictionaries available to home-schooled third graders and, of course, any students moving into the area. Parents can check with the school or contact the Grange. (I am working on a method for folks to contact us through this site… in the interim you can email grange at–you’ll have to leave out the spaces and change at to @. I’m also waiting for some photos… more to come!

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