Reading is FUN! But getting up off the floor…

Making Bookmarks

Mary Annis "gets down" with a kinder at SeDoMoCha

Getting down there wasn’t so bad…  But some of us had a little trouble getting up and were a little lame after. All the same,  it was a fun day for volunteers Mary, Susan Burleigh, Guy Downing and I! The program is grant-based… and the basic process was followed by grade level… the kids would come to the room where we were set up and got pick a book that was to become theirs to take home. Once the teacher “approved” their choice, they received a foam turkey bookmark to assemble. (That’s what Mary and this little tyke are doing.) Then it was back to their classrooms for a story. I got to read with two classes! I did my “assigned” third grade and then an emergency run with one of the Kinder groups. Mary got to read two books and the kids sang three Thanksgiving songs to her… We all got treats, but I gotta tell you, working with Kinders is a lot like herding cats!

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