Dictionary Project Features Our News

As we prepare for Dictionary Day with S.A.D. 41, we learned that our previous projects are featured on The Dictionary Project web site.  Check out the site for the full story and some great photos!

Don’t forget that our next dictionary day is Friday, November 20 and starts in Lagrange at the Marion Cook School at 8:30 AM.  Milo Elementary is scheduled for 10:00 AM and then Brownville at noon.

Our team for the day includes Jim Annis and Merna Dunham. Most of our other members will be busy preparing for our spaghetti supper for that evening.  It’s a busy Grange Day but we’ll all get to relax and listen to the Back Porch Bluegrass Band! Come join us for food and fun!

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  1. Walter Boomsma

     /  November 9, 2009

    Sorry… the Dictionary Project link has now been repaired. Stupid computer didn’t realize what I meant and what I typed were different!


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