Santa Needs Some Helpers

This year there’s an attempt being made to coordinate the many efforts to help families and children in the area during the holidays. Toys for Tots, Dover-Foxcroft Kiwanis, Three Rivers Kiwanis, Penquis and Maine’s Best are just a few examples… of the great programs being done. You can find a bit more information about the coordination efforts  at Valley Grange is currently considering what role we might take, and thought we’d share this resource with other organizations in the area.  There are lots of ways we can help both as individuals and as organizations:

  • Become a partner
  • Become a drop off location
  • Run a Piscataquis Santa Drive
  • Make a donation of gifts or cash
  • Host an employee or volunteer in-house drive
  • Offer to volunteer as a Santa’s Helper
  • Create a fund-raiser for the project.

So let’s not leave others out of our Holiday Plans… time’s a-wastin’ and there aren’t that many days left! Visit the resource web site or email for more information.

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