S.A.D. 41 Dictionary Day!

webstudentenc2It’s now official! Friday, November 2oth is Dictionary Day for S.A.D. 41! Many thanks to all the teachers and administration for their cooperation it helping us come up with a schedule! This time we do a “traveling road show” that puts us at the Marion Cook School in Lagrange at 8:30 AM, then on to Milo at 10:00 AM. After that, there might be time to stop for coffee on the way to Brownville for our 11:00 AM program. We’ll be handing out a total of over fifty dictionaries during this trip!

Based on our current plan this will complete our program for this year and while I haven’t completed a final tally, we’ll have placed the familiar red book “from Monson to Milo” and, I think, distributed close to 175.

A special thanks goes to almost member Roger Ricker for helping with our “set.” It seems in my haste to build a holder for the staves (try as she might, Nat just doesn’t have enough hands) I messed up the size of the holes! Roger got crafty (and in this case that doesn’t mean sneaky) and we now have a great stand! Thanks, Roger!

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