Reading Is Fun! (Help Wanted)

Reading is Fun! (Help wanted!)

SeDoMoCha students and staff love Grangers! We’ve been invited to participate in the school’s annual “RIF” (Reading is Fun) Program. This is a one-time commitment (unlike the Bookworm Program which is ongoing) on Friday November 13th in the afternoon. Financial support and readers are provided by the Kiwanis Club… but there can’t be too many readers! You’ll be committing to read a short story (or something similar) to a class—Kindergarten through Fourth Grade. The teachers will select a book that is appropriate to the grade level. The school will also handle the scheduling and is willing to attempt to meet your preference for time. When I asked at our last meeting 5-6 raised their hands… now I need names and a preferred time–if you have one. I think the slot will be from about noon until 2 PM or so and a one class minimum should take about 20 minutes. Instead of raising your hand, reply send me an email!