Valley Grange Wins Second Place Community Service Award

During the recent State Grange Conference in Augusta, Valley Grange took second place in a statewide contest for excellence in Community Service. In addition to the honor, Mary Annis, Community Service Chairperson, accepted a prize check from the Maine State Grange which has since been added to our treasury.

Mary assembled the 5″ binder that became the entry, noting that “I couldn’t make this binder if it weren’t for what everybody in our Grange does.” (The binder is now on display at the Grange Hall.) Mary admitted that winning was great, but tempered a bit by the fact she had to speak in front of the entire State Convention and describe our Grange’s Community Service Program.

One difference this year is the fact that judging was done by “non-Grange” people–community leaders and business folks. The competition for these awards is always fierce. Master Jim described the tension during the presentations. “When they announced fourth place I thought, ‘I could live with that.’ When I didn’t hear our name I thought, ‘Well third will be okay.’ As the number climbed I foolishly thought our chances of a prize were diminishing. Now I’m not so sure but what we just might take first place next year!”

Valley Grangers are certainly proud of our award, but even more proud that we are part of an organization that makes service to our communities such an important effort.

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