Dover Dictionary Day is “cool!”

Dictionaries wait for their new owners to finishe learning a little history.

Dictionaries wait for their new owners to finish learning a little history.

Third graders from SeDoMoCha Elementary School are now proud owners of their own personal dictionary and all the words in it thanks to our Words for Thirds Program! Even though I’ve had the opportunity to experience this many times, it still makes my heart warm to see how excited the kids get when they discover how much they can “look up” and that the dictionaries are theirs to keep.

And, as a bonus for visiting Valley Grange, each class received a “class mailbox” for use. When I delivered the mailboxes to the school later in the day I was especially pleased to note that Mr. Mowrey’s class was completing the dictionary activity sheet we provided as part of the program. I’ve been told in the past that one downside of the program is that it’s tough for the teachers to get the kids to put their dictionaries down and move on to their regular lessons!

Another feature of Friday’s program was the special appearance of Segeant Eric Boothroyd in this Civil War Uniform. The kids were truly fascinated and wanted to know if he’d ever been shot and how long his sword is!

For the most part the kids were able to ignore the presence of the TV Camera… For the video clip and a brief news story you can visit: By the way, you can comment on the story at the site… I’ll bet comments and compliments will help keep TV 5 coming to our area and broadcasting stories about our great communities!