G.P.S.Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Bookworms!

Is that “red” or “read” carpet…? Bookworms Nat Marsh, Barbara Goodman, and I were greeted with a huge welcome bulletin board when we visited GPS on Otober 1st to kick off this year’s bookworm program… and even before joining all the kids for general assembly we learned of another surprise was in store.  Second Grade Teacher Mrs. Gokas walked by and said “You do know Channel Five Television is coming?”

Ummm… no, we didn’t! It seems they picked up the story from a recent press release of upcoming events and decided the Grange and G.P.S. were at it again… making news that was worth traveling from Bangor!

General assembly was a awesome! The third graders were happy to see us again and the second graders figured out fairly quickly that this was going to be pretty “cool.” Originally we thought we’d be done shortly after the kids marched off to class, but that really marked the beginning of a fairly hectic morning.

Many thanks to Mrs. Speed for all her help… and to Mrs. Stearns for her willingness (under some duress) to make a TV debut… to Mrs. Violette for letting us use the Library as a Broadcasting Studio and her work on the welcome bulletin board… Mrs. Burleigh for her thoughts on camera… Mrs. Gokas and Mr. Arthurs for letting us have a couple of future movie stars from their classes, and especially to those kids for their honesty on camera. When asked what they liked best about the book worm program there wasn’t much hesitation. “Getting out of class!”

Ha! If they think getting out of class is neat, being a bookworm is AWESOME! Not because you get to be on TV. If you want to know why… well, you should have watched the news! There might still be time… the clip is on the WABI TV website: